Reality Bites
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2001-06-07 20:12:12 (UTC)

June 7th, 2001

We got our yearbooks today at lunch and of course everyone
was scrambling around the cafeteria to get them signed by
everyone. Guess who came to my table to ask Lisa (my sort-
of-friend) to sign his? Yep, Nick. I was like freaking. I
waited a few minutes before I left to go to Jimmy, Matt and
Taylor's table. Jimmy was really flirty today and
yesterday. Yesterday he grabbed my ass and i was like "if
you touch me like that again i'll slap you SO hard" and he
laughed of course. What is it about guys? They always
complain about how they don't understand girls la di da.
But they're not exactly the easiest to understand either.
You're too agressive or you stand up for yourself or a
little violent with them, they think you're a bitch. You
giggle when they grab anything and they think you're a
slut. You're too nice they think you're a goody goody or
that you're a "good friend" but they don't want more.
Hello? What the hell else is left to do? God, boys really
tick me off, why do most of them have to be so cute?

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