Meaningless Ramblings of Dark_Child
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2002-05-15 06:34:54 (UTC)

Why are we here?

Current Music: 'Born In a Burial Gown' by Cradle of Filth

Why the hell are we here?

Is there some point to the life of hell I put up with every
single day?

I don't know......

I have no inspiration at the moment. My life is lacking
substance. All I want to do is sit down and cry. Cry about
my longing for somebody else who understands me....Maybe
I'm supposed to be alone in life....Perhaps that's why my
someone hasn't come along to save me yet....

Now I just want to cry because they aren't coming....Shit.

I'm so empty

I think I'll go ponder this a bit more in my room.

Bye Bye