The Game
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2001-06-07 20:03:16 (UTC)


i've realized i use this word alot....

ok class, anyone know russian?

yeah.... neither do i, but i know this word quite

only the russians would have this word.... it basically
means we are fucked no matter what so why should we
worry.... this makes sense coming from the russians.... the
french tried to conquer them, the germans tried to conquer
them.... twice.... even the russians tried to conquer the
russians.... so the proletariat got beaten around a lot,
thus "nichevo"....

why do i use it so much you ask?



i'm currently being charged for crimes that aren't crimes
from my or the "victim's" point of view.... thus my life
sucks, can i do anything about it? no.... nichevo

i'm very much below par in The Game, this is mostly my own
fault but the whole not being in school thing helps....

my best friend is an extreme tease to the point of
frustration.... nichevo

one of my friends is trying to get herself hurt.... nichevo

Christine is always unhappy and no matter how hard i try,
her life doesn't get any better.... nichevo

my conversations with my best friends are getting strained
(something i really must get around to discussing in a
rant) because there are certain things i no longer really
feel comfortable talking to her about, which is sad because
i trust her more than anyone else.... so i'm a little
frustrated.... nichevo

i'm going through a form of withdrawal and the only way for
me to solve the problem, at least for the foreseeable
future (and i can see very far ahead) is to work out at the
gym until my muscles hurt too much for me to care about
anything else... yes i know it isn't good for me and i may
end up causing permanent damage, but it really is better
than the alternatives.... nichevo

i cannot overcome this weakness that everyone else believes
is a strength.... which is a cause for 3 or 4 other things
on this list.... nichevo

lets top this off, i have chronic migraines that the
doctors can't help.... i will have arthritis in my knees by
the time i'm 30 (my other joints will follow quickly)...
and nearly all of my closest friends are leaving for far
away lands to never be seen again, all in about 3
months.... i can continue, i really can.... but i have to
go pick someone up soon.....

to sum up...

my life is very much not in my own hands.... frankly were
it not for my mother and my utter disdain for a variety of
cowardice practiced by teens around the world, i would
rather not be living this life.... but since that really
isn't an option i can only say one thing....


Every day is another toss of the dice.

~~Fortis Exaequo Vita~~

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