It smells like poop over here
2002-05-15 05:41:31 (UTC)

skinheads aren't allowed...

in mohawk town. it's like a vandals version of an old
western...or something. but skinheads suck. i have one of
those no nazi patches on my backpack, but basically, unless
you are a nazi, pretty much everyone is against them and
doesn't like them.
let's see...what to bitch about today? it all seem so
complicated. i usually can just start writing, ill get and
idea and ill just go off. or i need something to write
about ahead of time. ohhh, i had this dream last night. im
at a party with giulia, and all these hot girls decide to
have a make out contest. im not sure how you can win, but
whatever. it looked like it was at eric truesches house,
which i've only been there once. but there was a disco
light going, with all the spinny colors. there's some girls
on the couch, and some on the ground, but there's probably
like 12 chicks just sitting around. i don't see how that's
relevant, but whatever.
so they're having a make out contest, and one says "it's
your turn mike" but im all like "im not playing" cause i
don't wanna make out with giulia. but some girl says "no,
your partners are nora and kelly" it's like she read my
mind, which she could have done, cause she was in my mind.
but anyway, nora was this cute, small asian girl in my
metals class that i always wanted to tap. we would smack
each other asses and pluhar (teacher) would yell "mike and
nora, quit playing grab ass!" which was his term for
goofing around, but we actually we playing grab ass. kelli
was kelly santi...i think. just think hot chick that got
her eyebrow pierced and looked hotter after that.
so nora kisses me, and it was almost like i could feel
her tongue in my mouth. (i just hope i wasn't like, making
out with my dog in real life. that would suck). so then
kelly kisses me, more tongue with her. (i like to start of
with just a kiss, then open mouthed, then the tongue, she
just went straight for the tongue.) so then nora says, "i
can't decide" and kisses me again. then kelly says "well
now i can't decide" and she kisses me again! i don't know
how they'd decide, or what they would decide, but who
cares. i think the next part is me just remembering what i
want to remember. but i think they start to make out with
each other. noting better than that. two girls fighing over
you, then hooking up with each other and you. that's every
man's fantasy.
somehow, i don't remember the next few parts, but when i
try to, all i can picture are circus peanuts. hmm, oh well.
i remember seeing this hot greek girl that was in my FST
math class back in hs at the party. natashia something,
everyone called her tashia. i remember seeing her at the
party setup back at the couch. so we walk into the laundry
room, holding hands. (it was like an episode of the wonder
years, that one where paul has the party and kevin chills
in there till winnie comes in and he yells at her) we kiss,
and she starts talking about something. but then she gets
on her knees and she keeps talking, and im like "com'n" and
she starts sucking my dick. like, im not quite hard yet, so
i can see it like...moving back and forth when it goes in
and out of her mouth. that makes me sound like a total
perv, which i guess i am to have a dream like this. im not
a sexist pig, trust me.
anyway, i like, grab her ears and her hair and im
like "yes!" and i notice that im wearing a short sleeved
button down, blue plaid shirt. which is normal, cause i
have bunch of those, but i don't actually have this pattern
in reality, and it's buttoned, and i never button those
when i wear em. i don't know if i made up this part just to
be funny, or if it's true, but that's what i was all
concerned about, why i was wearing that shirt and why it
was buttoned. i've been wearing nothing but t-shirts for
like the past year. just to make this clear, this would
have been the first time i would have gotten head, had this
been a reality. im hoping it will, cause that was a kick
ass dream and those we all hot girls. ohhh, tashia was
kinda plump, and she would wear tight, short skirts with
those tall, tight boots. oh god it that sexy. oh yeah, once
i could see her underwear when she sat across from me with
her legs open. awww, *drool*. anyway, i guess that's all i
have to say for now. no venting, no emotional release. just
a great sex dream. oh yeah, i haven't talked to or seen
lauren in a while. i should call her if i don't see her in
a while.


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