The Game
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2001-06-07 19:33:42 (UTC)

Bound and gagged.....

freedom of speach?
freedom of religion?

so mabye these are the obvious rights.... but we also have
the right to make our own stupid mistakes.... so what if
she is attracted to dangerous men? can i say anything? can
i not in good conscious? *sigh* the sad truth is i can't
say anything.... i have to wish her luck and stand there
with my thumbs hooked in my belt.... i'm dreading how this
will go down, but i can't say anything....

can we abuse our rights? we can abuse the freedom of
speach.... slander and words inciting violence are an
abuse.... we can abuse the freedom of religion..... lets
all drink mixtures of poison so the comet can take us to
the aliens.... yeah, exactly.... can we abuse our right to
make our own mistakes? of course not...

so what is worse? in a purely hypothetical situation....
getting hurt or watching someone you care for get hurt? oh
yeah, there is a hard one....

she says she doesn't 'like' him.... not like she tries to
do something with him everyday or anything.... i don't have
to worry.... it isn't my business, ok so she is right....
it isn't.... how i wish it was....

funny thing is i actually used to like the guy.... and then
i got to talking to some of the women he has.... ummmm.....
entertained lets say.... i really have trouble respecting
anyone that decides that 'no' means yes..... we all know
the type....

mabye i'm being stupid.... she doesn't need my help, as she
so well puts it 'she is a big girl now'.... but oh wait....
when something goes wrong is she going to want my help
then? yeah, probably... will i turn her down and tell her
i warned her, that i tried to help before? no, probably
not.... i'll put a sympathetic arm around her
(metaphorically speaking of course) and tell her it will be
alright.... until then....

have you ever watched someone walking a high wire and your
chest clenches up when she wobbles? no? give it a try
sometime..... tell yourself it is part of the show....

*hooks his thumbs in his belt and tries to look anywhere
but the high wire*

Every day is another toss of the dice.

~~Fortis Exaequo Vita~~