Finding my Light
2002-05-15 04:15:13 (UTC)

Missing Him

You know sometimes I'm so confusing I don't even
understand myself. I hate it too. My emotions can change
as fast as one can change the radio station! I know it's
stupid, but that's just the way it is for me. I think
maybe I should go back into dancing. Life wasn't just hard
when I use to dance. I think maybe because dancing was a
way to help get some of my inner emotions out and therefore
relieve myself.
One person who has mainly caused me so much confusion
is my friend Ian. I never thought I would miss his
companionship as much as I would. Before we would talk on
the internet every day and sometimes see each other at
school, but now it's like we don't know each other. We
haven't talked in days and I haven't seen him at school.
I don't fully understand why I'm feeling like this. I
mean I have no good reason for it. Maybe I just grew
accustom to talking to him and being able to get to know
him? I don't know. All I really know is that I miss him a
great deal and deeply wish we would start talking again.