A Storm Brewing In The Sunshine
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2002-05-15 03:26:58 (UTC)

drunken fun- i tried COCAINE!!???

well i just had the best weekend of my life. brace
yourself- this is gonna be REALLY long. so, on friday i
had to beg my mom to let me go out because she just cought
me with weed awhile ago. i was realy lucky though because
she let me go with only a tiny lecture. I borrowed some of
my friends..uh...skankier clothes just for that night.
y'know, just to try something different. when we got there
my friend ryan, whos a few years older than me said i
looked hot. nobody ever says stuff like that to me! anyway
we asked this guy at the skate park if he would boot for
us, but he said no because he already bought so much for
some other kids that he didnt want anyone to figure out
what he was doing. so we got drunk ryan to go ask these guys in a black truck if they
could boot for us. they did, but they took ryan with them,
and they took so long, we thought they werent coming back,
but eventually they did. so we went and got drunk and it
was sooooooo fun. we went to this park behind the pool (so
we werent right beside the police station) and then these
old people came so me, mandie, Alyson, and some people i
dont really know, went to this gazebo thingy. everyone
else went back to the skate park. while we were theyre we
drank like twice as much as anyone else, and then all of a
sudden someone had some weed. see, the thing is, im not
addicted to weed i just have this issue where i litterally
cant resist it. anyway we were already drunk and this girl
told us she was putting sugar on it. and i couldnt really
think strait buy then, so i smoked soooo much. it was
really crackly but i didnt notice. as soon as i was sober
i freaked out because i realized it was cocaine! ive
never tried cocaine before that. anyhoo, i was so fucked
up by the time we went back to the
skate park i was like completly messed. i remember i was
asking everyone i knew for hugs and being really loud. and
i was talking to this fruit booter who said
his name was grahm cracker. there was also this security
guy who was asking me what i tried and didnt i think i was
too young to be drinking, blah blah blah. he was really
nice though because when it was dark he made me go inside
and got me a drink and everything. The people at the front
desk wouldnt let me into the pool though. i was that
fucked up. wow, theres soooo much i could write about what
i did, but i wont tell you everything.. anyway, i remember
i was sitting on the side of the pool with my sort of
friend travis, whos 17. i kept telling him he was hot. and
he kept telling me to shut up because i was drunk. then i
was like ' lets have sex, come on, right now, lets fuck'
and he was laughing at me but he said that i didnt really
mean it cus i was just drunk. he's so nice. most other
guys wouldve totally taken advantage of me. i remember the
security guy, keith, kept asking me all kinds of questions
that i couldnt answer. anyway, after like an hour at the
pool my mom came and of course i got caught, so now im
grounded again. oh well. ugh! i had the worst hangover on
sat. it seriously sucked, and i felt so weird. i didnt
know it then, but now i know thats because of the cocaine.
anyhoo, thats my weekend. later.