Chapter One: The Evil Within
2002-05-15 02:12:05 (UTC)

The Message

From: [email protected]

Quit acting like a fucking three year old. And I can call
your mom a fucking bitch if i want especially if she
deserves it! So don't tell me what to fucking do, i will
do what i want got it!? SO i will not apologize for
something that is your mom's fucking fault so i will act
like the three year old you now HA!

Obviously, that was from Josh... I didnt think I was
acting like a three year old... I was perfectly come about
it, and extreemly reasonable, at least I thought.... here,
you probably dont want to, but I think you all should read
this from his diary, I found it quite amussing. BTW... you

"I really don't care anymore. Vicki your mom deserved to
be called a bitch, I was trying to make a polite
conversation with her and she totally flipped on me. And I
didn't say anything about Matt to her so don't fucking
worry, I am not that type of person to go gossiping around
like a fucking fool,you have other friends for that. I am
not apologizing to your mom because she deserved it Vicki,
you have no idea
what i have gone through, or the stresses that i have gone
through, i have been through sooo many fucking breakdowns
that it is not funny. Why don't you be the bigger person
and leave the situation alone because it doesn't even
pertain to you. By the way your mom isn't the only one who
goes through depression. Maybe your mom should get her own
fucking im so I will know when you are on, and Vicki iming
is a hell of a lot better than a fucking e-mail at least
with im i know someone else is at the other end of the
computer! Therefore, I will not apologize to your mom, she
deserved it and she knows that she deserved it, I am sorry
if she is having problems but she is not the only one in
the world and she can't be thinking about herself all the
fucking time, I help all of my friends when i can and
hardly have time for "me" and when I do, people call me
selfish and tell me that I am not listening to them and
being a good friend."

wow.... I dont care anymore. My mom is 44 yrs old, and
shouldnt have to deal with a 19 yr old going through male
PMS! She gets enough of that from my father, and from me
whinning about male PMS. Ohh... you got it bad now... life
is not only a game of Tetris, its also a roller coaster. So
you are depressed, and you have lived 19 years of going
throught this, she has lived 44 years of it... SUCK IT UP