All About Me
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2002-05-15 01:43:39 (UTC)

just writing from school

hey its me. im at skool right now. i am supposed to be
doing a research paper but i dont have the enthusiasim(no
idea how to spell it). so anyway, i decided i should take
this time to write. i dont think anything intresting had
happened yet since it is the morning. oh i did see this one
guy. his name is john. i am not sure if i have mentioned
him before but he is a guy i met at some party. now dont
get the wrong idea. i dont just go to parties like some
people i know. i am only 15 ok?? so anyway i went to some
party i think that was at my friends house. i dont really
remember it was a long time ago. so back to john, he is in
the 11th grade and did i mention how cute he is??? well he
is. and theres more. he has a TWIN!! how awesome is that??
so when i saw him today i waved like always but this time
he came up to me and started talking. he never does that
unless we are in class. so we talked and then he told me
about how we should hook up and stuff like that. so i am
overhere like totally trippin. sry for the "preppy
cheerleadin talk". i hate when i do that. anyway, so then i
said "yeah, we should". then he gave me his # and i just
havent decided if i want to call him. but anyway i have the
whole day to think about it. so maybe i should now get back
to my work since i am a little more happy about the
whole "john" issue. yea for me. :) till next time talk to u

later dayz,