Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-05-15 01:30:44 (UTC)

Silent Screams

Sometimes I just want to scream... at the top of my lungs,
as loud as I can. I wonder if anyone would hear me, would
take the time to care. I know they would, but would they
have the patience to fix it? Would they stay around? Do
they just show intrest because they must, or do they really
care? Or would they rather me not turn out like they did?
They keep telling me what they dont want me to be and thats
what Ill become. Theyre driving me to insanity, slowly and
cautiously I approach the edge... and its so hard not to
jump off. Thats why people do crazy and insane things.
They just dont care. And its healthier than drugs, it
gives you a natural rush. And its death defying, so theres
that little chance youll die, and its not suicide, so you
wont go to hell. How sick am I. Lol. Damn mood swings,
why did God bain women with mestral flows? Lol.

Im gunna stop thinking about it. Im sick of holding back
tears that dont seem to want to go away.

I love you matt.