My Life
2001-06-07 17:28:43 (UTC)

Vacation bible school with 3 yr olds

Hi,Yea sorry I havnt wrote in here lately,been kinda busy
with my church with vbs=vacation bible school. I have 10 3
yr olds-Chandler,Ashlyn,Laura Claire,Emily,Emilee,
Thomas,Logan,Beeman,Kipp & Chase. I help out -Ms Beacky.&
two others work along with me. So i get there at 8 30 and
do slides on the projector in the sancuary[however its
spelt]..then i go help,they get there bible lesson then go
to arts and crafts,then choir,then to snack and play
time,then missions then back to the room.On monday the kids
made mummy bags in arts and crafts,and man kids are
messy,:).So they played kick ball that day man kids playing
are so cute!!They didnt know how to run from base to
base,lol,and the guys had to tell them wehere to run to.SO
tomorrow-friday-they are having a jumping thing for the
kids,cant wait to see this,:).