2001-06-07 17:26:23 (UTC)

rocking chairs`~

tomorrow is fariheen's bbq party.. im having a hard time
tryin to sneak outta the house...

poele have this misconception that juz becoz i dun live wif
my parents i have all the freedom in de world..
yea, true to some extent... theres no one watching watcing
my moves at home.. and should i bring someone home to shag
wif theres no one who would i said before, i live
in my own kinda world...but physically my g'pa, my sole
guardian here.. watches over me in de sense dat he makes
sure im home so dat in case my parents call to check up on
me im der...

there've been times when i sneaked out of the house at teh
wee hours of the morning and come home at dawn.. den i
would pretend dat i left something and dat i was oing out
at that time.. heheh... oh well.

i wanna go for fariheen's bbq... but my cuz is a-also havin
his b'dae celebration tomorrow... damn.. i wanna be at both
but the better place to be is fariheen's coz everyone is a-
gonna be there..besides, ive already paid up for it...

so here's de plan... im goin after skool tomorrow and yep..
what else?? hmm.. and den make my way to my cuz's b'dae
party over at some nightspot... and den im gonna forget my
worries and just do whatever i want...

oh yah, why rocking chairs u may ask.. well i made a
rosking chair each for hemz and fari.. prettty nice efffort
i can say..

my eyes are gettin droooooppyyy...and everything's turnin
slurry... its 0134 sg hittin de sack.

wish me sweet dreams..


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