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2000-10-21 16:58:49 (UTC)

Dear Diary, I just can t count..

Dear Diary,
I just can't count the times that Paul and I have said "it's over"
to one another. We're still together, but we fight constantly. Man,
every relationship I get into involves lots of argument. I guess
that is just the type of person I am, I am not so trusting of people
and therefore start fights a lot. *tsk, tsk* Well, he and his two
brothers and parents went to Lake Tahoe this weekend. I sure hope he
has fun.
I bumped into a friend from high school last night at Borders,
Nathan. He is the awesomest friend. Too bad he lives at St. Mary's
now. At least I can call and email. I don't know, I guess the
reason I'm talking about him is because he made me feel so 'warm'
inside. Loved. Ya know? He is my spiritual counselor!!
I have to work closing today. I HATE CLOSING. It's so many hours
and the manager always makes me do all the work. I HATE IT I HATE IT
I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get my paycheck today, too.
Well, more another day.

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