No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-05-14 23:19:42 (UTC)


this poem has nothing to do with just kinda
popped in my head. But it kinda has a point I guess, dont
hide in the shadows. Be open adn honest or one day you'll
come to regret it. Seriosuly, dont e-mail me asking what
this means to me. It is nothing, it just came in my head
and I promise it has nothing to do with anything.


I hide in the shadows,
Wanting to come out,
But scared of your reaction,
So I sit in doubt.

When I step into the light,
For just a moment or two,
I realize it’s pointless,
That I’ll wait in the shadows for you.

I could stay in the shadows,
Un noticed and alone,
But the light looks so much better,
I like the feeling of someone being home.

But I wont let this get to me,
I wont let it bring me down,
I’ll just wait for or I’ll move on,
Until I hear the sound.

~Ashley Bott

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