Jess's fucked up little life
2001-06-07 16:09:18 (UTC)


Today Is my first day of my new Journal. Its 11:45 on a
thursday, Just chillin drinkin coffee and playin a on the
computer. I broke my dollar store vase today I was pissed.
Im kind of bored but there is nothing really to do. I can
here a lawnmower running and thats about it. a truck is
backing up right now too. Joe is at work, he'll be home in
about 4hrs, god that sounds Like a long time. Its not
that fun when he gets home anyways, he just hangs out on
the computer all day while I watch Tv or something. Its
not that I dont want to be on the computer with him its
just that he plays with shit that i dont know and its not
fun for me. I woke up at about 10 today, wanting to sleep
more but my body wouldnt let me. Sometimes I feel like I
never want to get out of bed. It sucks but, what the fuck
you gonna do. I am very happy to have a journal again, to
think of my thoughts, or whatever. I am suppost to be
getting a job soon, witch I had before but no one seems to
want to call me back up there at the Turning Stone Casino,
and I'm not sure why. They are kind of pissing me off. I
want to have a job but only one that I would like. Joe is
gonna call me in a few minutes cause he's on his lunch
break, at diemolding. He's working first shift there right
now, but he usually works second shift cause he cool like
that. What ever. Collections is after my ass for something
too an im not sure what. But what the fuck it'll be ok.
Joe's been getting really axious with me to get a job. its
just that what the fuck am I suppost to do for
transportation, its aggrevating. I went to snelling
trying to get a job and they could have hired me but I had
no way to get there. I love Joe more than anything and I
hope he knows that. Its just that he gets so frusterated
trying to support both of is while he can hardly pay his own
bills let alone mine. I know I feel like real big shit
but what the fuck ya gonna do. Sorry Joe for makin you work
for nohing like you always say. seriuosly I feel like
shit. Hey but I do have credit cards and they are cool
cause the bills are so low. we can afford them so I pay
off big bills with the credit cards and pay little amoounts
on the card its cool , but I think I have to many cards now
im not sure how many I have and when they are due but shit
happens. thats my motto these days. I guess lifes a bitch.
But ya know me and Joe will be together 6 months this
sunday, June 10 2001. Im excited cause Im still madely in
love with him and Ive never felt that way before, and his
face is still so beautiful to me. well hey I think im done
for right so ill talk to you latas tah tah