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2002-05-14 21:16:06 (UTC)


cleave: to rip, tear or pull apart; to hold or stick fast to

^ how awesome is that?? cleave is it's own antonym!!! i
mean, is that even possible??? i think that is the most
amazing thing. i wish i was back in, like, first grade or
whatever, when we were learning antonyms and we had to take
a test once where we had to choose five words and write
their antonyms. today, my test would look like this:

cleave.......cleave :)

that is just amazing.

yes, i know i'm amused by the simplest things, but can you
blame me???

today in commarts, i was made a fool. a FOOL i tell you!!!
hehe it was so embarassing. samantha was telling me, daniel
and stephanie about her new film, which she was planning on
calling "Green Art." i turned to her and asked -- extremely
saracastically -- "what are you planning on doing, filming
the RAIN??" and steph was like um, i think someone's been
hitting the bar a few times too many." and samantha's
like "wtf is gong on in YOUR head? what does green have to
do with rain?!?!" and i was just like "oh. nevermind then."

Current Song: U2 "The Sweetest Thing"
Current Mood: Simple Plan "Just A Kid,"

ok....from now on, i'm probably gonna just put a song that
represents my mood under current mood.

ALSO: if anyone can get me the lyrics to the song "Tonight
This Three Hour Drive" by Further Seems Forever, it would
be greatly appreciated. thanks so much!!!!!!

i was on a sum41 discussion site, and there were all these
girls talking about how they love the music and only got
into it because deryck is so hot. i got so mad.

*~love the music,
not the musician~*