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2002-05-14 21:16:01 (UTC)


I feel like crap today. Damn cold has got me singin the
blues. At work I was blowing my nose constantly. I tried
not to get too close to people. I got off at 1:45 and had
a friend of mine drive me home. He's such a nut, he seems
to get lost even though we don't go very far from what he
knows. Gave him 2 dollars for his troubles. I would've
given him more, but he don't like to accept other peoples
money. Good news, my truck is done!! Don't know what
it'll cost yet, but I'm sure it'll be a pretty penny. I
hope thats the last I'll see of my mechanic for a long
time. I had a wonderful conversation with my girl last
night. I couldn't go to sleep right away coz I was excited
( if you know what I mean ). She gets me going in so many
ways. I just wanna touch her, taste her, smell her, love
her like its going out of style. When we were seeing each
other, I just wanted to be next to her. Right next to
her. Am I so into to you? Definitely, without a doubt.
Wherever she is, is where I want to be. To experience life
with her is what I'm craving. I'll go wherever you will
go!! I don't want to sound needy or obsessive, I just want
her to be a part of my life too. If we would've kissed on
New Year's, we never would've left the hotel. I'm not
saying that we would've had sex, I'm just saying that after
we got done kissing, we would've talked for hours. Getting
to know her is so fun. We would've talked about each other
until we had nothing left to talk about. Thinking about
New Year's, I guess it was a starting point to where we are
now. We liked each other before, but that night, oooh that
night, I knew that I wanted to know more about her than I
ever thought I would've. I remember, before New Years,
that I wanted to keep in touch with her in any way
possible. I didn't want to lose her even though we weren't
talking about us at the time. If she was just my friend
then I would live with that, unhappily or not. I thought
about asking her if I could write her or maybe, her, our
mutual lady work friend and me could get together once in a
while and chat. She told me that her, our mutual guy
friend and me would go out for breakfast every once in a
while. I was thinking then that if thats all I got at
least I got that much instead of nothing at all. So, as
you can imagine, when she told me that she was thinking
about me all the time, I couldn't believe it. She was
wanting me as much as I was wanting her. Since then,
nothing has made me feel any different. She is so much fun
to be around and I just can't get enough of her. I think
about her constantly and I hope we don't lose that
companionship during this time off. Shes my friend, my
lover, my reason to believe that anything is possible.
Once again I hope I didn't say too much. Feelings, they
just come out of me and I'm powerless to stop them. I'm
crazy about her. I hope I don't do anything to push her