Jena's Rants
2001-06-07 13:25:19 (UTC)

Don't you love her as she's walking out the door.....................

Jim Morrison is my demigod. Just kidding. It's is so
rainy and icky outside, but I feel great. Can you believe,
I am all perky like nipples on a cold day. Really! I had
a very strange thing happen to me last night. I was in a
completely dead deep sleep, when I was woke up at like the
climax of my dream, (get your mind outta the gutter), by my
poetry book landing right next to my head. (Yes I write
poetry you goddamn insensitive illiterate fuck!) Sorry,
other personality. Now first you must realize that there
was no wind, and I was alone, and last that there is no way
in hell that this book could have fallen without the other
books that were in front of it being disturbed - plus where
it landed is also like impossible. It was exactly 1:11
when it happened. Also as a side note, the temperature on
the digital thermostat in my room said it was exactly 69
degrees. Weirdo - hmmm, maybe it means i am going to be
involved is some mutual oral sex at 1:11 am sometime soon.
Well, stranger things have happened. Very weird though. I
had serious trouble getting back to sleep. I was a lil bit
scared. Geez, I get scared rather easily. Well, tis all
for now. Oh i met some great guys on the bus today. They
were total dead heads, told me about some great website
that tells you all about hippy parties in DC and MD. So
maybe I will hit this big one next weekend. Groovey - Peace.