a freak with a heart
2002-05-14 20:18:40 (UTC)


"do on to others as you wish them to do on to you!"

---- who the fuck made that up. take it from me, it's not
true. don't bother wasting your time. i have always tried
to be there for everyone and when they needed help i was
always there. but why..... no one ever is there for me, no
one takes care of me when im sick,no one asks how im doing
or feeling. wait thats not all true, jeremy cares i know
but only him! i have been so sick lately and it seems no
one cares. my dad through a fit this morning because i
wasn't going to school. and my mom first thing she said to
me was that i better feel better cause tomorrow im going to
school. i mean she didn' even ask how i was or if i was
feeling better or anything.....then she has the nerve to
give me directions on how to make dinner! i could be on my
death bed and no one wouldn't give a fuck. nice family huh.
my bother and sisters give me no respect, my parents could
care less about me. and the only damn person who cares is
to far away. can't anything every go good for me, just even
once. i just want one day, one simple day were everyone
pays attention to me and cares about my and not there damn
selves since every other day im the one caring about
them!!!!!!!!!.........................ok im fine now, i
just needed to get it out. i'll live, now back to my life!


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