The Boy Looked At Johnny
2002-05-14 18:00:45 (UTC)

Burn, don't freeze

Time passes very slowly in Pittsburgh. I'm up at 8:30 or so
every morning to walk the dog, sometimes earlier. So I was
thinking: it would be my usual habit to wake up at 10:00 or
so, right? Therefore, I'm up two hours earlier every day.
And since I'm not going to bed significantly earlier than I
usually would, that gives me two extra hours a day. That
adds up to 14 extra hours a week, which adds up to 56 extra
hours a month, and since I will be here for three months,
that's 168 extra hours, or 7 days.

Hence, Gawain the dog has effectively lengthened my stay by
a week. Good!

So anyway, days seem longer. I don't have any friends here
yet, and my job hasn't started, so that gives me full days
that start at 9 AM or so during which there isn't anything
to do. Today I had walked the dog, showered, eaten
breakfast, done the dishes, tidied up the house and taken a
trip to Squirrel Hill to boink around, all before 12:30. As
I write this, it feels like dinner should be on, but nope!
It's only 2:30.

Jesus, I sound so domestic. L-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ong days up

While I was up in Squirrel Hill, I stopped into a used CD
store and found "The Hot Rock" by Sleater-Kinney for eight
bucks. That particlulr record was the first of theirs I'd
ever purchased, and April lost it years ago. It's sort of
like a homecoming, isn't it?

Me and the clerk at the store, a nice-looking alt.rock type
with huge glasses and piercings, struck up a conversation
about S-K, and he was kind enough to tip me off to a show
nearby tomorrow night. So there's my first local social
outing. How nice that will be. I suppose I'll put on a tie
and go do what needs to be done.

My intenrship begins tomorrow, as well. Perhpas they'll
like my tie, too.

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