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2001-06-07 10:23:55 (UTC)

would you be there...

today i had a discussion with M about matze (matthias) (oh
btw,i've called E.H E.R a few times when i wrote, they're
the same person!) and i asked her how it would be if matze
suddenly decided he'd break up with me. i mean,my world
would probably break apart ..and she said 'oh you'Re really
inlove with hiM!' like DUHHHhhHHh if i weren't, we wouldn't
be together, would we ?? so anyway i asked what i should do
if he double-crossed me, and she said she thinks he's not
that kind of guy. which was kinda nice of her coz i just
need to be reassured rite now. we haven't been talking for
2 days already, matze & i. i miss him xxxxooooxxx sniff*

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