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2002-05-14 15:35:36 (UTC)


i juss got's official now, 2 years of college
over. and damn i complained so much and it's over and now
im bored! she's (my mom) so annoying already. so im on my
computer to check my grades, and she's like snapping at me.
she makes me feel like so hurt. i feel so confined. right
now, i feel like getting up and just leaving. like going to
talk to some friends or something, but i can't. there's no
school, and she wont let me go anywhere. im thinking that
i would get a job. they r some really great opportunites
and internships from my university. i need to meet my job
advisor, sharon. i have 7 weeks to find a job. if i dont
find one in 7 weeks, im going to go to the biology lab
class. ooh! az emailed me...and she's going to this huge
fashion college that calvin klein went to. well anyways,
she's starting her own clothing line, and it's coming out
in june! and she's starting her own business and she wants
me to call her, becuz she's thinking that we could be
business partners. i have to call her...i keep
forgetting....well she's starting her own tele-
communications business. sounds wanna find out
about it. after 2 years of college, i can conclude that
college won't take you's not the college that
would make u into a's the ambition that will
make u successful...u can go to college and get straight
A's and come out unsuccessful, yet u can go to college get
AVERAGE grades, be ambitous, and be real successful. az
rules! i knew she was going places.