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2002-05-14 15:35:34 (UTC)

it goes on

Well nothing has happened yet. We haven't really even
talked about it. He seems not to WANT to talk about it
which is really stressful, because it's hard for me to just
continue on with this boyfriend that I don't think even
likes me anymore. I mean, in a way I guess I will go on not
talking about it with him because I'm worried that if we do
talk about it we'll decide that we have to break up which I
really don't want cuz I do like him a lot. I just wish he
would be more resonable and responsible about calling me
and keeping his plans with me (apparently there is an
actual reason for him not doing that which he hasn't
figured out yet -- which is what makes me think he must not
like me if he doesn't want to call me and do things with
me). I don't know why he wont just talk about it. I mean,
if he doesn't like me, like I'm sorta suspecting, then why
doesn't he just break up with me? Why do we have to keep
pretending like nothing's wrong? If he doesn't want to go
out with me there's no reason why he should not want to
break up either. ARGH... So stressful. I think i'm just
gonna have to ask him straight out "DO you like me?" and
see what happens. I guess that would be the easiest way to
figure out what to do here. If the answer's no, we have to
break up. If it's yes, then we just have to put a stop to
this stupid not calling me thing. If we can't do that, then
I guess it'll get even harder cuz I'll be forced to break
up with him, even though I like him, cuz he refuses to
treat me well enough. SO we'll see. I don't like waiting
though. I want this figured out NOW. Our 3
month "anniversary" is next Saturday. I want things
resolved one way or another by then cuz I don't want to
feel like time keeps passing and nothing's getting better.