still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-06-07 08:29:42 (UTC)


So work was pretty good today..Denis(penishead)let me leave
an hour and a half early because I'd already gotten 4
applications. I went to Nordtroms...were having their half
yearly sale....and spent about 4-5hundred dollars.Charged
it of course...I'm stauing positive and I'm sure I'll be
making a lot of money at this job to pay off those pesky
bills!!!!!I got 2 sweater sets, very cute rose capri
pants,a summer tight boobs-look-huge shirt a pair of guess
shoes, a necklace and earrings and I stole a chain
belt...was in my hand and accidentally slipped into the bag
I was carrying..uh-huh...don't like it though so I may take
it back and get a refund ( :

There is however, a new girl in the office who transferred
from the Chula Vista branch...Shes'supposed to be
good...she is tall and skinny with straight brown hair to
her butt..Her face is not pretty but I DON"T LIKE HER BEIN
THERE!!!!!Too many possibilities for jealousy over D-head.
What can a girl do but suck it up....He does want me to
stay now though since I have been doing so well. Still have
been dieting and am losing weight slowly but surely.
Weighed myself yesterday at the gym when I worked out at
lunch and it said 150.A couple of weeks ago I was 157..when
I went to my Friends Candle Lite party.A girl at work asked
me if I lost weight too.Well I have been making agood
friends with Edwin at work...Yesterday we took this pill he
called a "Rocha" but it didn't do much for me...I have a
high tolerance to downers...But I did find my bottle of
Ativan and shared a couple with him today. When I am
talking to him D always yells at us to get to work like
he's joking but I know he is just jealous..which doesn't
mean anything in the grand scheme of things because men are
always jealous...he could be back with his e girlfriend all
serious again and I'm sure he'd act the same way. Anyway 2
days out of the week are gone and I survived them quite ell
by maintaining a positive attitude. If I ever get him back
then I do and if I don't it must not have been meant to be
and I can't do anything about it anyway so why worry...on
that note I'm gonna head to my big cozy bed.....night

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