Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-05-14 12:08:33 (UTC)

Another One Of Those Things..

Well, I got another piece of work back today, and, well,
you guessed it, my mark wasn't as high as I'd expected. I'm
seeing my lecturer about the other week's this afternoon,
so I'm a bit happier.

My fatal mistake this time? You know 'schwa'? Its like a
back to front 'e'? No, it crapping well isn't....I niged
myself many a mark, because instead of an inverted both
vertically and horizontally 'e', I only did one of the two.

Of course, 'schwa' is the most common symbol in the English
langauge (and indeed in most, if not all, others...being
the position of rest and all) so to have it wrong....

I don't know...whatever next?