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2001-06-07 06:54:54 (UTC)

Dance Marathon

Damn, talk about sore all over. I went dancing last night,
and stayed on the dance floor for over two and a half hours.
All I know is that when the alcohol is in my system, I'm not
held liable for anything I say or do. I had so much fun, it
was just me and my good friend. We went and I saw an old
friend, and then I saw some other friends, and then I saw
another friend's cousin. For one night, I saw a lot of

I started dancing by myself and then I had everyone else on
the floor with me. I think the only reason they went on the
floor is because if I can stay there and make major fun of
myself, then they could too.

When I got up this morning, I knew my body hated me. My knee
was sore, my back was having spasms, and my head was telling
me to go to hell... And then I had to go to work.