Meshed Up
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2002-05-14 06:52:47 (UTC)



i'm trying to focus but i can't. i don't know why. i need
to study. i'm glad somebody stopped playing that irritating
song though. i can't stand it. i keep hearing it and i
don't like it at all. jeez. everytime i hear it i just
wanna cover my ears and scream. anybody agree with me that
japanese anime songs are irritating?


watched more drama presentations today. my friends are
great thespians. carpe diem was really cute!

thanks to everyone who left feedback. especially to fuzz
and elohim. and to degz as well... degz, you're a great


HE: seriously, i think he is fucking weird. are you saying
you are not pretty?

ME: yeah. he is quite weird...yup i'm saying that i'm not
pretty. and don't say that i am just to make me feel
better. i don't wanna take that shit. lolz.

HE: fine...i shall not tell you the truth then.

ME: lolz. what's the truth? just kidding.

HE: u asked me not to tell u.

ME: haha yeah. thanks man.

HE: so that will be our little secret.

ME: haha yeah. only known to the both of us.

HE: yesh...can u tell me the secret one more time?

ME: nooo!

HE: i shall repeat it one more time. can i?

ME: well..a part of me wants to hear it..but a part of me
doesn't wanna hear it either cuz...i don't know...

HE: haha..u are pretty. not not prettys.

ME: lolz.

HE: that's the little secret.

ME: yes. that's the little secret.


talk about a boost to your self-esteem! i don't believe him
though. i mean, he's a nice guy and all and he is a good
friend. it's just that, i don't really believe people when
they say i'm pretty. cuz i'm not. besides, most people
think i'm ugly. and i do see myself through their eyes.

but thanks anyway. you did make me feel a bit happier

i have so little to offer to this world. so little and yet
so much. i wonder if the day will come when others will see
the world through my eyes.