ramblings of a madwoman
2002-05-14 05:16:21 (UTC)

ouchy boo boo

well, my finger fuckin' hurts right now! i was over at my
pal ryan's house and he accidently slammed a cupboard door
shut on it. i felt worse for him than i did for me, he
looked like he felt awful! i was over to watch "american
history x" and let me tell you something... that is one
fucking awesome movie. i loved it so much even though it
gave me chills. it was really weird to see Willam the
sailboat guy from 'mallrats' as a fat nazi bastard.

so jah... in other weird news, my bass teacher has been
really creeping me out lately. he makes comments about the
males in my life, my smile, my feet and just today, while i
was trying to pull off a stacked 5 chord, he said "i know,
it hurts, but you LIKE pain. you LOVE it, don't you?"
crimminy. he's a really great teacher, but i don't know
where this is coming from. aside from my loverly boyfriend,
i seem to attract really creepy guys. is there some bizarre
appeal in me that i'm missing?

Bargggghhh. school blows ass. i'm so tired of it all and i
cannot wait until the summer. i'm trying so hard to get a
job but there are no oppertunities out there. i'm pretty
qualified to work in food services, but meh. it's not
exactly something i want a future in.

after watching that movie tonight, it makes me realize how
much i want to make films. i've written a couple of shitty
short screenplays and i'd like to direct and whatnot. it's
a cumulation of everything i love, when it comes to movies.
you work with writing, art, music, acting, photography, etc
etc etc. tis good stuff. i'm going to look further into
that as a career option.

who knows where it's all gonna take me?