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2001-06-07 05:44:34 (UTC)

do doo doo doooo

today was interesting.
my bestfriend sergio and i met this guy that he met online.
lol. online people are CRAZY. this guy had like MAD MONEY.
we went to Dennys, of all places. and the guy was an ASS to
the waitress. and then left her a like 40 dollar tip. for a
bill that was like 10 dollars. lol. im happy for her. im
sure shell put it to good use. and that makes me happy.
but, he was INSANE. lol. oh well...
life goes on.
i work tomorrow.
and i dont want to.
cuz i really like my new job.
i just dont like having to work. i always feel like i have
to kiss peoples asses or something...and tomorrow i have to
take a class to learn how to do Ticket Master. hm. fun
im talking to this new woman.
shes 26.
im such a little dyke pimp =) lol. not really. but i tell
myself that sometimes...=)
i dont want to work tomorrow!!ARGH.
yeah online people are fucking scary.
so are stupid people. lol.

you know...
when i was in my gifted class, when i was still in school.
i remember looking around. and being like, you know...
these are the top of the line smartest people. LOL. this
fucking sucks. they are so fucking stupid. lol..
its really bad.
and i went to a really good school. like, for the smart
people too. lol...
i hate everyone lol.

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