The Eye of the Storm
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2002-05-14 03:27:31 (UTC)


Ok, for those who actually read this, like destiny, here is
some shit for everyone to enjoy.

I truly believe i have Multiple Personalitys... i do i
swear i do! Who else do you know that will be making out
like crazy with thier boyfriend, then suddenly in the back
of your mind realizing you have to do laundry, stopping the
making out, and going and doing you laundry not really
realizing the look of lust in your bf's eyes, until he
attempts to distract you, then you get back to the making
out but still realizing your laundry finish you laundry and
not really gettin back into the making out.

yes i know. i am insane. we all realized this a while ago.

anyways, i figured out i have approximately 3 different
personalities, affectionanately named Michelle, Storm, and
Toni (short for antoinette)

Michelle: unique, but paranoid of certain things. worrys
but can handle a conversation, and is usually the one thats
out and about most of the time.

Storm: horny lil bitch. when im pissed off, this is who is
around. also is the one who comes out when chris is
around :)

Toni: the more thoughtful and always awake. the creative
one. also is around when im outdoors, then she shutdowns
everyone except her and makes it so that storm doesnt
interupt anything.

so those are the personalitys. no i dont know y i am
tellin you this, but thats ok, i really dont care...

love forever


"it takes many nails to make a crib, but only one screw to
fill it."