A day in the life....
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2002-05-14 03:23:22 (UTC)

Summer Class...

Well it's been about a week, not quite since i last
wrote..not much has gone on i suppose. Brian graduated!! as
did Stutzy and many others. Work will be interesting in
days to come...still looking for a co-worker. I started my
summer class today, i don't really like Chemistry but i
need a C or better...i'm not taking chem a 3rd time! Found
out that instead of a 5 week course it's a full 10 weeks.
So there goes my summer til July 19th...i'm not thrilled by
this but i will deal with it.
Brian is at home this week. he has andy and kimberly's
wedding this weekend. As much as i try NOT to miss him, i
do. It has only been 5 days! I don't know for sure when
i'll even see him again. God grant me peace and help me to
let go of this feeling. But anyways since he's home our
talks have been somewhat sporadic, but i am thankful for
those times. We've gotten to talk some about our summers.
I'm still in the state of mind that he's not so sure about
moving up to Chicago. We shall see, and i shall attempt to
be a help and comfort to him. Life is interesting...i shall
close with that for the night. God bless!

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