Thoughts from Blue Angel
2001-06-07 05:15:07 (UTC)

Operation "Miracle Diet"- Day 1

I found the 3 day miracle diet today. My mom had used it before
with some success, so I decided I'd give it a shot. The chemical
break downs of the combinations of food you eat make you lose weight

Unfortunately, not all the food is that great. The only horrible
thing I had to eat today were beets. I just kept telling myself how
awesome I was after I'd eat one. That's the only way I could eat the
next! And of course, I have to eat them again on Friday. But hey-
if it works, it's worth it.

I got a little bit of exercise in on top of my following the diet
perfectly. So I'm feelin' good about it. :)

Tommorrow is a good day, because I like everything that I get to
eat. Maybe I'll get a little more exercise in than I did today. I
hope so! I decided that if I'm gonna follow this thing for 3 days, I
might as well make the most of it. So basically, I'm gonna be
workin' my ass off to do this right.

I called Adam today. We talked for about 45 minutes or so. He's
so awesome. Usually when you talk to someone new, you have those
awkward silences, but we haven't run into one yet. I just smile the
whole time I'm talking to him- on the phone or on the internet. I
really hope that things work out for us.

So, I guess I'm getting a little bit of a grip on my life again.
I'm praying that it gets better from here.