teen trama
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2002-05-14 02:39:30 (UTC)

What A paIN

Its been a couple days since I've written in here, but the
last couple days have been busy. My weekend was fun...not
too bad except for my mother who is driving me insane! Dad
is away on a bussiness trip for a week...I don't know if
I'll be able to handle a whole week with her. Every little
snide remark she has makes me want to scream. I can't stand
to be in the same room with her...she drives me crazy. It
is awful to feel this way, I know it is. But she is such a
person of the type I don't get along with. How can it be
that me, her own daughter...has such a confliction with
her? AHhHh what am I supposed to do..a whole week with Dad here to help me get away from friends
know and have offered to let me stay with them. But NO she
won't let me...its like she wants to keep me here and drive
me to crazziness. What can I do...