ahoy hoy
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2002-05-14 02:29:31 (UTC)

heat wave!

oh my gosh its so hot in la its like a heat wave its
insane, one day its nice and moderatly warm and bamm the
next day its bloody hot it waas 94 degreesd today. aahhhh
well am in scripps right now i hope its fun susan is
having a nother visitor who i personally dont like. well i
dont dislike this person but i dont know this person nor
does he seem like the type of person i would get along
with. were going to brawl(lol kidding but i can so imagine
getting on someones nerves so bad that we get into a fist
fight it would be so funny fucked up but funny) wel
anyways am going to shut the fuck up becasue susan has to
use her computer and fuinisha take home final. on like
chicana studies or something like that its seems really
intersting. but i would hate to be thte one doing them i
hate doing weird papers. well
tata ^_^