2001-06-07 04:34:47 (UTC)


I feel really bad theres this wonderful girl that i like,
and she knows i like her, but i told her a billion times
that if she wants to just be friends thats okay and i dont
know what to say to her to actually make her believe that.
Brittany (my brothers girlfriend who is also her friend)
said that she had a hard life and stuff, i just want to be
a friend if nothing more but i dont even think she wants
that anymore either. i dont know. see i love this girl
named anna who i used to go out with but she broke my heart
but she asked if i wanted to take her out on saturday and i
dont know if want to because she broke my heart i probably
sound like a sissy so im going to stop writting...but i
dont want this girl carissa to think i want anything more
then what she wants to give. who knows one day she might
want something that i have to offer, and the offer will
still be on the table because im not one to walk out on a
person. The last couple times i wanted to do something with
carissa something came up i think she might be afraid of
me. I dont know what to do...Im just a lonely guy that
wants to make new friends because the old ones arent so
great and i came across this wonderful girl and she has a
boyfriend i respect that i w ouldnt try anything but i
think that she thinks that i w ant more then being just
friends which is true, i do want to be more of a friend
when i get to know her but i dont know her well enough to
just jump into anything cause i do n want my heart broken
again. who knows what the future holds...