Chapter One: The Evil Within
2002-05-14 01:20:29 (UTC)

What was up with today?

Okay, best thing ever, hightlight of my day, waking up,
and the first person I see, to start off my day... Matt.
Yeah, he drove me to school today, the car is crap on
wheels at the moment. It needs a tune up bad, and it seems
to know the weather, becuase whenever it rains, it dont
start. But anyways, I went to bed at like 2:30 this
morning, just because I couldnt get to sleep, then I woke
back up at quarter after six, and said to myself "Vicki, go
back to bed, you still have some time to sleep, take
advantage." But I couldnt sleep, and about 10 to 15 minutes
later Matt pokes his head in my doorway, and I pop straight
up, wide awake. I think it freaked him out, because I told
him he would have to wake me up in the mornings becuase I
hate waking up as much as I hate sleeping. (I think that
when you are sleeping you are wasting time that you could
be doing something else it.)

Anyways, that was great, and now I am at Becky's house,
we are hanging out today, we had to fix her nose ring. It
was fun, I love Becky.... I love you Becky!!! Yeah, I was
talking to my mom cause she seemed a bit depressed earlier
when I called her to ask her if I could come to Beckys, so
I was talking to her on the internet, and she was on my
screen name, and Josh IM's her, and somehow or another he
wound up calling her a bitch. I dont like that, you dont
speratically go calling your friends mom's bitches. I mean
I wouldnt mind if he called me one, but he doesnt know her,
or how she would react to it, and she DEFFINATLY didnt
like! Ohh that did not make her any happier, and she was
getting in a better mood cause I sent her a couple of e-

Well, here goes how I feel... Josh, yes you may have
problems, and she may have called you annoying, buy thats
not as bad as calling her a Bitch. She is having troubles
in her life, just like we all are. And, besides, be the
bigger person, and dont call her names back, SUCK IT UP AND
DRINK SOME FUCKING WATER! I am sorry, if you really wanted
to talk to me that bad you could have e-mailed me, I know
you have my e-mail adress, and I try checking it at least
once every 2 days. And I always write back. You also know
my #. Next time you encounter my mother, I think you should
politely ask her if its me, with a simple "Vicki?" and if
not, blow it off and say okay, also, I am not telling you
to, but I am suggesting that you apologize. I cant make you
do anything, I know that, but put yourself in her shoes. I
am in the shoes that you are in right now, I was in them
about 10 years ago, and I am fine now, am I not? Also, what
did you say to her about Matthew? Dont talk about what I
say to you to anyone, ya know that "Doctor Patient"
privelage? well you should take what I say to you as a
Friend to Friend privledge, and unless I say, hey talk
about this to people, it should remain confidential.

Anyways, thats all I can think of to say right now...
happy but yet, upset... Good night all!!