The Daily Babble
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2001-06-07 03:23:26 (UTC)

Initial Babble...

So I decided to take a stab at this online journal/diary
stuff...maybe it'll help me when no one's around to hear me
vent...or it'll just help me put things in perspective.
Any feedback is welcome! =-)

Anywayz, if you've gotten this link then you already know
about me so lemme just talk about my day I guess...

It was pretty great! I had class in the morning, which
left much to be desired...I had an exam and scanned some
pictures for my webpage during the break! I got out early
so I drove to Jeff's early of course.

I was so happy to see him!..He gave me a big hug, showed me
his new [well part of it] loft bed and then we went off to
get a mattress at Sleepy's. The guy at the store was such
a punk. [Did you know mattresses ranged from $150 to
$7000!!!]...anywayz we [well he] bought a mattress and we
went to ChiChi's for lunch again. {Again cuz we just went
on Monday!] wasn't too great though..they made the
food a lil different from last time and he was distracted
cuz he noticed his car was acting funny.

After lunch we went back to his house and then got my car
and went to get gas and CVS then back to his house. We
hung out for a while...drank some Hard Lemonade [ooo!] and
took pictures with his new digital camera and reconnected.
I'm so glad I drove down there today...we'd been having
some issues recently but I think we've finally got them
worked out. I felt so emotionally connected with him today
and I wasn't even sad when we said bye because I knew e
were ok.

Unfortunately I had nite class, that was kinda boring..I
think I dozed off a few times! But I got out of class

I didn't get to hang out with my aunt and uncle too much
today [the ones from Atlanta --originally from India--My
mom's oldest sister and husband]...They came over yesterday
and that was the first time I've seen them in 11 years! It
was so great seeing them. They leave on Friday though! =-(

Well that was my day...I don't have much else to say..we'll
see how long I keep this up..but keep some feedback
coming..this'll be good for those of you who keep
disappearing on me! =-) Hehe. NOw you'll be able to keep
up-to-date with my life!

Well, this is Neha signing off!
G'nite all!

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