2002-05-13 23:42:24 (UTC)

This Magic Moment

Mmkay, so concerning Marcus, it's been a great time
knowing him. our relationship has had its ups and downs.
we fought and we flirted til da fateful day dat would
separate us- dat day was today. Datz rite, kidz. Today was
da last skewl day 4 seniors and since I'm only a
sophomore, I still have 8 days of skewl left.
But me n Marcus still had a perfect day, I could'nt
have asked for a better time with him. It was also great
hanging with my other senior friends for da last time,
especially my brother levi. anywayz, back to da marcus
issue. he's been kissing me on da cheek and forehead for
many a day now so i thought it only proper to ask him(in a
note of course) if he would be giving me a goodbye kiss.
So all day I waited. Something in me knew he would kiss
me, but of course there's also that flimsy feeling that
tries to convince you that dreaming is hopeless. 2:55, the
bell finally rang for classes to be dismissed. I ran down
da hallwayz and headed to da place where I hang w/ my
friends. I call it Central Park on account dat it's a
circular platform which much greenery around.
As usual, we flirted and such, I even gathered enough
courage to kiss him on da cheek! And then da moment i had
been waiting for finally came. He grabbed my face, kissed
my forehead, looked at me, and then kissed me on da lips.
At dat very instant I leaned forward to of course
contirbute to da kiss and then it was over just as soon as
it had begun.
:SIGH: That was da single greatest moment in my
sophomore career at high skewl, so i'd like to dedicate
this song to all da people out there who made this kiss

This magic moment, so different and so new
was like any other, until I kissed you.
And then it happened, you took me by suprise.
I knew that you felt it too, by the look in your eyes.
Sweeter than summer, softer than a summer's night.
Everything I want I had, as long as I held you tight.

much luv 2 da woild!