Product of a Broken Home
2002-05-13 22:42:40 (UTC)

Mr. Brenan is Not supposed to be in a Latin band!

as the title says, craig brenan is not supposed to be in a
latin band! its wrong, so very very wrong...plus i have to
dislike Bomba on principle now...

now that thats out of my system

panic attacks are scary as hell, i almost forgot that. but
of course, leave it to the bus to remind me.

its like everything, all the space around you, shrinks, and
every other sensation, light, color, noise {god noise} are
intensified. its easier to not breathe that it is to. i
wanted to run, to just get away from everything that might
be causing it, and it fel instinctual, completely unbased
in logical thought. i felt so out of control.

yeah, so, not pleasant.

sorry for not getting on the 11 annette, i just couldn't
take more ppl.


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