Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-05-13 20:30:01 (UTC)

Trika's unhappy poetry corner

Save me from this wretched earth
That turned my treasures into dirt
That watches babies as they cry
And sheds not a tear as the innocent die
Alone I sit and try in vain
To save the world from all this pain
From all the hypocrites and all their lies
From all the things we hate and dispise
That seem to hold us all in their keep
And upon us havock reek
Why is this world such hell?
What will it take to make it well?
All the plans we make will plunder
Thrown astray and thrown asunder
No one lives true to their word
Then wonders why the world's absurd
They wonder why there is so much grief
And they have to treat everyone as a thief
They cannot trust, there is no peace
Everyone lives in disbelief
Thus my dreams, my treasure lost
Buried under an untimly frost
As everyones heart freezes over
Cold, and solid as a boulder
Save me, save me from this earth
Bring me to the place of my birth
Im sick of hurting, sick of crying
Sick of watching peoples souls dying
Why is this world such hell?
What will it take to make it well?
Lord, take this burden off my shoulder
Only you can bring back order
Lord, please bring back the peace
So finally I may rest and sleep.

Why do I always have to be happy?

Matt, I love you.