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2002-05-13 18:55:51 (UTC)


It's so stupid. I can't get into that web page that I was
working on before. I guess I'm just gonna hafta stick with
this one. Who knows, after writing so many in this one I
wonder if this one will break down as well? Oh well, just
gotta go with the flow huh? Got off at 1 today. My
supervisor wasn't there, had a personal problem to take
care of. I saw my girls ad in the classifieds for her
bike. Think I should call about it???? (hahaha) Probabaly
not a good idea. I'm gonna e-mail her tonight. I hope
shes the first one on there. I'm gonna tell her about this
web site, see if she wants to talk on the phone about maybe
checking out this one. I wonder if she can get into that
other one? I hate jumping around but it looks like I don't
have a choice. I wonder if that tip a friend will work for
me? Do you think that would be even more of a risk? That
way I wouldn't hafta do as much explainig if I could just
send her this web site. I was reading through the cards
that she has sent me. They are a way of connecting with
her I feel. I'm gonna write something she said now. "You
are my sunny sky - my favorite high - my best friend -
until the end - my heart, my soul - my life made whole -
the reason why, until I die. All my love." I love reading
that. It makes me feel sooooo good. She makes me feel
sooo good. If I was with her, I'd treat her the way she
wants to be treated. I'd give her my heart to do with
whatever she wants. Shes my friend, my lover, my light. I
don't ever want to see her sad. I'd give my soul to make
sure shes happy. I hafta take my truck to my mechanic
tonight. It better not be gone more than a day or 2.
Don't like not being able to get around. Well, wish me
luck, I hope she calls tonight. I wanna hear her. OK,