No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-05-13 18:20:21 (UTC)

not a usual monday

hey! well, my day was alright. I came home around 12
becasue I felt like complete crap! I think it was mainly
exahustion. I didn't get to sleep long enough to be tired
when my alarm went off. That's pretty bad for me.
I had that debate in English and ended up tieing, which is
awesome. I must have been horrible up there. I usually
don't have much of a problem with public speaking, but not
knowing what I was going to say really amde it hard. I hate
being vido taped also, so I didn't keep eye contact. Jenni
assured me I did fine, and I guess I did if we got 500
I'm not as mad at Tricia, I just getting really frustrated
sometimes. But everyone is entitled to.
My mom is kidna enjoying being home. I guess thats good. It
gives her time to herself to get things together.
I can't believe the year is almost over. To be totally
honest, I won't miss anyone. I don't mean anyone, I won't
miss anyone that I won't see over the summer. I do love all
of my friends! Do you guys hear that? I love you! lol. I am
hyper as crap.
Well, I think I am going to stop writing. I have to pee.
(just in case you wanted to know)lol. :)
"Capital punishment is about portraying people as devils.
But women are less threatning." ~Leigh Benien