Sporty Tomboy

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2002-05-13 16:55:06 (UTC)

ToYoTa SuPrA

Lemme just say... i watched the fast and the furious twice
this weekend *my fav movie* and im gunna watch it again
today... sad, i know. but who cares. I WANT THE SUPRA :)
hehe it totally killed the ferrari. woohoo. chris i loved
the maxima.. yeah. well i am being obsessed with cars
lately so just ignore me, but they are fun creations. im
definitely taking after my brother. he races. yay hes going
to teach me standard so i can drive the KOOL cars :) its
gunna be kickass fun plus the motorcycle gang party... well
umm yeah enough of that, i gots to go THE BELL IS ON FIRE.
yeah i love my people so very damn much :) byesy *huggas*
:) (stealing my sis's word ;) WINKSIES JORGE!) lol

**Libbalicious Licky Libby is goneeeeeeee