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2002-05-13 15:37:21 (UTC)

Due To Popular Demand...Matt

Yes, it's true. I have finally decided to write about Matt.
I wish I was Canadian, cuz then I could say "aboot," which
is the most awesome thing in the world!!! But, I digress.

So quite a few people have said that Matt likes me. A bit
about Matt: the boy is horny as hell and a serious playa,
and he can be a serious jackass. I dunno tho, at times he's
been really sweet to me, he's nicer with me than he is with
a lot of other people. He's even told me, countless times,
that he really doesn't care what other people say to him or
about him, but when I say something bad to or about him, it
really hurts him, and he doesn't know why. And when we talk
online, he's always like, "hey babe," etc. It's weird. Some
people say he likes me. I hope not though.

Yes, so that is my Matt story.

OMG ya'll. Damn, I'm turning into Nicole, sayin' ya'll. I
just spoke to Ethan -- and he's trying to get me to free up
either this weekend or the following weekend so he can take
me to see Murder By Numbers, cuz 1) he knows I really wanna
see that movie, and 2) I'm too scared to go by myself or
without someone who'll let me freak during the movie :)
He's such a sweetie.

I REALLY can't type anymore, cuz my cat is all over me and
I can barely see my keyboard anymore lol. Catch ya'll
lataz! (DAMN Nicole for rubbing off on me!!!)


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