The Boy Looked At Johnny
2002-05-13 14:27:18 (UTC)

When I close my eyes I think of God

A flurry of driving this weekend: I drove back to
Louisville on Friday, hung out with Katie, Branum, Ellena
and Katie's olde high school friend Emily, saw Nate for
about two minutes, attended K's graduation on Saturday,
then drove up to Columbus that night, stayed in a very
ratty, very inexpensive hotel 20 miles outside town (no
fitted sheets! no chain-lock on the door!), then made the
rest of the trip back to Pittsburgh Sunday morning and
afternoon. Today I have nothing to do but sleep. I may take
a trip into Oakland or Squirrel Hill later just to poke
around, find out if any interesting shows are happening
this weekend, eat lunch, whatever else.

Philip and Lipika are off for India now, and so now it's
just me here at the house, along with the dog and cat. I am feeling
much more relaxed after the stress of last week.

OK. Let's begin.