Simply Josephine
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2001-06-07 01:40:08 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
Ok, so on a stupid dare, I tried out for the cheerleading
squad. You know, something new and interesting to do my
senior year...according to my friends. Personally, I liked
being a band geek, but I had to admit, cheerleading
looked fun. Besides, I never even let the concept of me
perhaps making it enter my head. I mean, come on. Ok,
so I'm popular and pretty and cute and all...But...Ugh.
Short skirts and belly shirts to all the football games? Give
me polyester pants and a dorky band shirt anyday. So,
I try out, right? Um, I was number 11, and I got to go out
and try out with my friend Torrance, and yadda yadda
yadda, we did our cheers and our jumps and our dance,
and we left the gym. So, all out us tryouters headed to
the only air conditioned room in the school and gorged on
diet pop and crackers, until they asked us to come in...
Nervewracking to the extreme...!!! So they start calling
numbers...10...9...2...21...15...17...3...1...7...11...And all
my friends, who were all the previos numbers started
screaming hysterically when they said "11". I of course,
was in la la land, and it wasn't until Tara came and
grabbed my arm that I realized that I made it. My god...
I'm a cheerleader. I have to wear short skirts, and belly
shirts, and do jumps and cheer...oh god...What have I
gotten myself into??!!! I feel like I'm trapped in "Bring
It On"...Only without that hot Cliff guy...*drools* He's
SUCH a hottie!!!
Love Always,

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