Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2002-05-13 07:42:44 (UTC)

Poem - "Leave the Light On For Me"

You vanish among shadows,
You mingle with the night,
As you softly drift farther
And farther from sight.

My dark weary eyes
Are so quick to betray
The mask of contentment
I’ve been wearing all day.

For one final moment
I protest with a sigh,
Life always moves on,
And now so must I.

I struggle in solitude
While time takes its toll,
But the hours upon hours
Fail to conquer my soul.

You patiently wait,
Never failing to smile,
Your words of endearment
Give me strength all the while.

By the time I arrive
You lay fast asleep,
For your self-sacrifice
I silently weep.

As I shake off the cold,
It leaves not a trace,
You comfort and soothe me
Without seeing my face.

You’re an angel of mercy
Watching me from above,
Leave the light on for me
And I’ll be there my love.