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2002-05-13 07:15:54 (UTC)

back to reality

I went away for the weekend and had fun visiting family.
They don't live around here so I don't get to see them
much. It was a real treat!!!

I met up with Dave and John on Friday to go take some
pictures. We ate a good dinner...well dave had eaten a
late lunch so he wasn't very hungry.

After dinner we decided it was way too dark out for my 100
speed film. John offered to have us all go see Spider
Man, but Dave backed out. It was nice of him to do that.
Instead John and I went for a great drive and got some
great fries!!!

We rescheduled the pictures for the next morning. Dave
had a sort of difficult evening. He was house sitting for
his ex-girlfriend's family and they were still around for
the night. He had to deal with the big flirt herself and
let's just say she kinda got to him a bit. He really
likes her, but I guess doesn't know if he'd ever take her
back or not. He also had her mother whispering in his ear
that she is now on the market again.

John and I picked up Dave and headed to a park. We got
some not so wonderful coffee on the way. I decided I
didn't wuite know what sort of pictures I wanted so I just
wandered around and took pictures of the two of them. I
also got some good shots of some kids who were playing in
the park.

I took almost two rolls then. I need to hurry up and get
it developed. I brought a slide projector back with me.
I kinda forgot a bulb for it. I have two in my room at
home. Oh well, I needed to take my film down to have it
developed tomorrow anyway.

I got a better picture of myself in an outfit that Dave
liked. My friend took it for me and it is really good. I
have a great look on my face. Also I'm barefoot, it looks
really good.

It was a good mother's day. I had dinner with my family
this evening. good food, good family...what more could a
girl want? Maybe a hot guy naked and wearing a big red
bow. That would be nice...I even have a guy in mind!!!
I'm not telling who it is though...hehe

I'm in a bit of a playful mood tonight. Too bad Dave
isn't online. I wrote him a little about my weekend in
the e-mail I sent him.

I took a small step this weekend and went over to my Great
Aunt's former house. It was hard to see it changed. I
didn't want to think about all of it. I almost cried, but
I managed to stay ok. I didn't hide the feelings, I
simply let them have a smaller spot inside me. It felt
good. It was a small step, but a happy one.

Dave told me something interesting. He said he answered
the door naked once. It was when his now ex was coming
over. I guess he knew exactly when to expect her.

shit yo. We went by his new place and damn it is nice.
It's not really an apartment, more of a little house
thingie. It is so cute!!! It comes with places to park
cars for each tenant. It is in a much nicer neighborhood
too. There are houses around, not bussinesses.

The pics I got of John and dave sould be awsome. I am so
excited about getting to see them tomorrow after I take
them to be developed. Well, after I buy that blub
anyway. I need to get in and scan some of the pics I got
back on Friday. There are at least a couple of them that
look good enough to scan.

I think if I scan the pics at like a million dpi then it
might make them bigger. At least I could then make the
size bigger without loosing image quality.

Guess since it's getting late I can be sure Dave isn't
coming online tonight. Guess I'll have to wait to find
out about his weekend.

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