Cosmic Rain
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2002-05-13 06:43:38 (UTC)


I had a nightmare last night! Actually I think I had a
series of them. They were horrible. I think it was all a
lot of everything just splurging out. I took a shower
before bed thinking it might be a good relaxant or clear my
mind a little. But I guess that didn't work.

I kept getting chased by these ugly little creatures and
just when I thought they'd gone they'd pop up with their
evil little black eyes. And there were all people around me
that I knew and I kept calling out for them to help, but
was like they couldn't hear and kept walking off or talking
to me like everything was ok. Then some reason I ended up
on a train station wanting to get back home. And I ended up
getting onto a train I wasn't sure if was the right one,
but some weird men kept yelling at me to get on. So I found
a seat near the back, so I could watch everything in front
of me. Cause bad vibes was the nature of the day on this
train. And a woman sat next to me and sat really close as
if she was scared of something. Then this blonde guy got up
and started waving a gun about and came over to the woman
next to me and held it against her head. Then he started to
rape her. And she was looking at me and begging me to stop
him. She even used my name and I couldn't do anything. I
just kept saying over and over.."stop..stop..stop" Then
he'd point the gun at me the moment I moved to help. It was
horrible..I prolly shouldn't have watched "Training Day"
before bed. I'm sure that dream was partly because of that
movie. I haven't had any bad dreams in a little bit. But
that certainly woke me up. I wanted to ring Melissa, but
knew she had been tired and I certainly didn't want to wake
her. Not last night anyway..

I know of recent I haven't been making a lot of good
choices. And they have been damaging to myself and others.
And I'm hoping to do something about that. I want to say
more, but I don't think I can right now.

Anyway, it's Monday..It's squash night..I have my typical
Squashitus..But luckily this is the last game of the
season. Then we have to ref/score the semi finals....I'm
going to try and get in a special ref. So we can at least
feel unsick on the night. Then it's all over for awhile. Be
nice to have the break.