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2002-05-13 06:14:00 (UTC)

Questions answered

Well. I am honored!! Thanks Mackenzie! I love the
attention! Well, I love any kind of attention, but that's
a whole other kettle of fish :) Okay, well, I'm awake and
have nothing better to do at this time, so I am happy to
answer your questions.

1.Favorite childhood memory-

Hmm.....let's see.....that's a hard one. I grew up in
Stamford, CT in a coverted barn. It rocked, let me tell
you. There was a huge main room, with 20ft vaulted
ceilings and then a loft where my parents had their bed.
There was this huge chandelier that probably weighed about
1,000 lbs and was all chrystal and so gorgeous. There was
a floor to ceiling picture window opposite the front door
and it looked out over this wooded area that was even
prettier when it snowed. The downside to this window was
the birds didn't see it and flew into it and broke their
necks and then my sister and I cried. But it was ok cause
then we played funeral and buried them and then had cake
at the 'reception' afterwards. There was a downstars that
was built in during the renovation and there was my room,
my sister's room, a sauna (that didn't work) and the
bathroom. Well, my room was built into a hill, so it was
always cool during the summer time, and my windows looked
out onto the ground and I could see the roots of plants
and the top of the plants at the same time. Well, the
favorite memory is of me sitting on a heating vent getting
my butt and feet warm (I was small at the time, and could
actually sit on the vent with my feet under my ass)
watching the snow. I'd be so warm, and the snow would be
so pretty.

--------------------(you made me want popcorn, so I have
to go make some)-------------------------------------------

Okay, back now. With my popcorn. But it's kettle corn,
sweet and salty and hot and buttery all at the same time.
Ever had it? Okay, more answers.

2.Political affiliations

I know that you were the president of Young
Republicans and seem very strong in your beliefs and I
definately respect that. I really don't align myself with
either party at the moment because I don't know enough
about where they stand on certain issues. I am very strong
in my beliefs, but am not sure how my beliefs fit in with
the parties stance. For example, I am very strongly Pro-
Choice. I feel that nobody can make a decision about
someone else's body other than the person to whom the body
belongs. I don't want to see a choice taken away by people
who have no idea what that pregnant woman is thinking or
how she feels. It's her child, and her decision. Period.
Now, just because I am pro choice doesn't mean that I will
have one. But I absolutely want the option to have one if
I feel that is what I want to do. Secondly, I am pro Death
Penality. To me, the fact that if I did something terrible
(ie murder someone, maim someone to the point they can't
function on their own, etc) the consequence of death is a
VERY strong deterant. "I don't think I'll shoot that man
who cut me off because I might be sentanced to death." I
am very careful and fearful about authority (another entry
another time) that the consequences of my actions scream
in my head before the decision to do something is made. I
hope this makes sense. If not, let me know and I'll try

3. Favorite Movies

Good question! I have lots. I love Shawshank
Redemption, there's this great French film called Amelie
(I don't like foreign films much, but this one rocked!)
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (I have always
wanted a candy room like he had in the movie) Mary
Poppins, the more recent release of Sabrina with Greg
Kinnear, Julia Ormand and Harrison Ford (who is one of the
sexiest older leading men around), Men in Black (cracks me
up everytime I see it. What can I say, I'm a laugh whore)
and many more that I can't think of right now.

4. Tom Cruise- which does he look hotter in Top gun or

Top Gun, hands down. It doesn't hurt that Val Kilmer is
in that movie too. The best part of the whole, entire
movie is the volleyball scene where there are hot sweaty
men playing in the sun and sand with no shirts on

5. Favorite author/book

Again, I don't have just one favorite. For me, it
depends on the story. I've loved certain books by certain
authors, but hated other ones that they've done. I loved
the Harry Potter books, can't wait for the next one.
There's another book by Terry Jones (of Monty Python fame)
called Nicobobinus which is hysterical and magical and
amzaing and so great that YOU MUST READ IT OR ELSE! When I
am sexless and have hit the point where I'm dying for a
man (okay, not dying per se, but really really in need of
some stimulus) I'll sneak trashy romance novels out of the
library but feel like I'm doing something naughty that I
really don't approve of but love it anyway.

6. If you could choose only four musicians to listen to
for the rest of forver who would it be?

Only 4 huh, you are tough! Are all your tests this
hard?? Just kidding. Let's see.....Have to be John Mayer,
Paul Simon, Julie London and......um.......Lynrd Skynrd. I
swear to god.

7. Life ambition

I honestly don't know. Well, I do sorta, well part of
it. I want 4 kids one day, and I want to be able to
provide for them. I want to be able to give my kids cars
on their 16th birthdays....go on family vacations overseas
during summer break, things like that that I never got to
do. I grew up very poor, but never lacking in love. But
there were times when I had to go without new shoes
because it was either shoes for me or diapers for my baby
bro. And I've always understood, and know that my parents
have done the absolute best for me and I wouldn't change a
single thing. If I had it all to do over again I would,
but I want to afford more opportunities for my children.

8. What are your parents' like?

My parents are great. They are warm, funny, kind,
amazing people. They got married to eachother when they
were 22. Next month they will celebrate their 29th wedding
anniversary. For the first 7 years of their marriage, they
traveled around the world together running boats. How
awesome is that? My mom went to catholic school her whole
life (yup, even college. She has never had a teacher that
wasn't a nun. scary, huh?) and my dad never went to
college. But he's probably the smartest person I know, and
I'm not saying that just because he's my father, but
because he really is. The are just down to earth, caring,
loving people and I know that I just got very very lucky
when I was born into this family. Jeez, I sound like a
cheap Hallmark card. But it's true. Sorry so cheezy.

9. 10 things you would grab to save if your house was on
fire (non human)

Easy. 1) My down pillow. 2)My down comforter. 3)My
pictures. 4)The box that my friend Frank brought me from
Hungary. 5)Chapstick. I can't live without it. 6) A
painting of Park Avenue (here in FL, not in NY) that my
mom gave me for my birthday. 7) My varsity letter that I
got for rowing all 4 years of high school. 8) My stereo. 9)
The computer. 10) My John Mayer CD.

10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Realisticly or in my dreams? In my dreams I see
myself running the public relations side of my best friend
Nicole's film company in London. We'd live in a flat
together and go to parties and make tons of money.
Realisticly, I see myself still in Orlando, or maybe
Atlanta, working a beginning job in a public relations
firm. I try not to think ahead very much because then I
get my hopes up and I've been disappointed too many times.

Okay, there 'ya go. What do you think? Let me know!! I'll
have some to ask you, but it's 2am and I have to go to
bed. Look for them soon, mmmkay?


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